Pontoon Boat Rentals near Crab Island

Pontoon Boat Rentals next to Crab Island in Destin FL

Pontoon Boat Rentals next to Crab Island in Destin FL

Our New 2016 Pontoon Boat Rentals Feature:

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Check out our new fleet of Pontoon Boat Rentals

  • Waterproof stereo with and bluetooth with 4 speakers.
  • Speedometer and fuel gauge.
  • 12 volt receptacle radio cutoff switch.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Lift gate latches.
  • Rear entry has a ladder for getting back on the pontoon boat rentals.
  • Table with cup holders.
  • Sun deck.
  • Navigation lights.
  • 9’ Bimini Top..

   Bumper guard with splash panels on all pontoon boat rentals.

We looked at many pontoon boat designs for our pontoon boat rentals. We decided the best vessel for touring the harbor while in Destin was the 24 foot pontoon boat. The new pontoon boats are not the pontoon boats of old. They are as nice and as luxurious as just about any other boat out there.

In BOATING MAGAZINE, in the world of pontoon boats, it’s the fast and flashy that usually capture our attention. Meanwhile, the majority of folks are wanting something a bit simpler and more cost-effective. In other words, pontoon boats like sweet water 24.

Some might describe our pontoon boat rentals as a back to basics boat. Our pontoon boats design emphasizes those things most important to the boating lifestyle. They offer uncluttered deck space and ease of operation. This makes the pontoon boat the perfect boat for renting. The standard package provides all the amenities for a day afloat on one of out pontoon boat rentals

Pontoon Boat Rentals Seating Capacity & Features


There is seating for 12 however we only allow this if your group contains 3 or more small children. Otherwise we allow 10 people if everyone is an adult. We want everyone to be comfortable under the large Bimini top for shade. There is a  removable table for entertaining and a bluetooth enabled sound system to set the mood.

None of these features are groundbreaking or unexpected. When they are properly executed all your expectations are met.

Pontoon Boat Rentals  Cruising Speed

When we tested our 24 foot sweet waters we reached 25 mph. The best attribute of this engine pairing is the civilized midrange performance. At 15 mph, engine noises are low enough to allow a normal conversation. You could also enjoy the sound system without maxing out the amp.

This is also the sort of speed where forward motion creates a pleasant breeze rather than a buffeting headwind.

And that’s what makes Destin Water Fun the best pontoon boat rentals in the harbor!


Things To Do While on a Pontoon Boat Rental.

  • At Crab Island there is food, music, and fun for the whole family!
  • Self Guided Dolphin Tour.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Fishing.
  • Sea Shell Collecting.  
  • Thursday night Fireworks and Airshow.

Peak Season Rates for Pontoon Boat Rentals.

  • Full Day  $ 425.
  • Half Day $ 275.
  • Black out Dates Apply.

Model: 2016 Sweet water with 60 HP  24 ft pontoon boats.

Off Season Rates for Pontoon Boat Rentals.

  • Full Day–$300.
  • Half Day–$200.
  • Black Out Dates Apply.

Call (850) 898-1204 or book your pontoon boat online.

Service Personnel Discount.

Military, Law Enforcement, and Teachers all receive 10% discount on their pontoon boat rentals. Thank you for your dedication!

Price includes fuel. Add 6% sales tax. Prices are subject to change.